LF Level 70 Ack Ack

Not having much luck getting this item and willing to trade for it

level 70 only please.

I Have oodles of level 70 legendaries

will trade any 4 of these for an Ack Ack

They are all at level 70
Prisimatic Bulwark
Shock Longest Yard
Fire Longest Yard
Corrosive Longest Yard
Shock Invader
Corrosive Torrent
Corrosive Cheat Code
Explosive Mongol
Flakker w/ Lunashine
Shock Leech
Meganade Cryo
Rolling Thunder
Cryo Enforceable Bullpup (Vertical Grip extra pellet accessory) (not legendary but a heck of a shotgun)

I might be able to part with something else if this list doesn’t satisfy.

Steam is johnrr6

Gimme a call, I’ve been getting heaps of those from the arena these days

also have a shock 70 if you need it.

Handed mine to Fab to relay it to you. I won’t be on much this week-end.

You sir are a steely eyed computer gamer…and a gentleman!


Thanks bud…seems Ha_Na has one coming my way already.

It’s good to have friends like you and him.

Thanks again!!