LF Level 72 M10 Mitosis Hunter-Seeker

Would take any anointment, but prefer OGT anoint. Also prefer Radiation if possible, shock or kinetic also would be fine.

I have tons of really good stuff to trade. Tizzys, Free Radicals, OPQs, NoPewPews, Kickchargers, Backburners, etc. Lots of good COMs and artifacts as well.

Thanks for looking!

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Needing to clean out some bank space anyhoo so as usual use or sell at your discretion…
Mailed the only Mitosis HS I had but it was in fire. Also sent cloning version in several flavors just in case you can find a use.

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@Mugsy1103 Hey thanks man, appreciate that. Can I send you anything in return, you know I have pretty decent gear and will be glad to send you whatever you need.

@tysonyar No worries, if I think of something I will holla! I know you got the goodies stored up just in case! Trying to make bank and mule room for an onslaught of new coms and artifacts… Yay!

Thanks for the Smog, btw!! Forgot how fun that gun can be with a shielded Zane. Respecced him and it was back to the shoot, loot and boogie for him! :slight_smile:

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