LF level 72 Norfleet grinding/Digisruck Raiding team

I’m a level 72 OP 0 Assassin, and I’m just trying to make my way through this world. The Peak has so far been too hard for me to beat, the last assassin always gets me. Someone/some people to help me complete the peak would be nice, or even just to help me get a Norfleet so I can complete the peak myself.
I have a level 71 DPUH, a level 72 Bee Shield, a level 72 Evolution, a level 72 Slayer of Terramorphus class mod, and a level 70 electric Gromky Lyuda.

Oh, and add me @primatis on the ps4.

I can help you get thru the peak and/or give you what you need.
Usually on around 10 est

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How much of the peak would you be willing to do with me? I’m assuming you probably already have whatever you want or need, but I can pay in cash.

Also, I just got a fire Norfleet! Killed Hyperius without even realizing it, Norfleet dropped before I could even say “I hope he drops the Norfleet”

We will help you but not because of money :slight_smile: Sun_tsunami is really a nice friend. I will add you soon and I think after a few runs you can reach Op8. But currently my time is limited and I could do just 1 or 2 runs a day.

Nothing in return. Just like to help others and enjoy playing the game. I will friend you when I’m on and will help any op level you want to do.

Well thanks a ton! I just beat level 1, so now I’m farming for a new DPUH. Just tell me when you’re available :smile:

I just added you but now Im gonna go to my university. Already got DPUH lv4 and DPUH lv 6 if you need them in near future :slight_smile: See you soon.