LF Level 72 Norfleet/Legendary Catalyst Mod/Purple x4 Magic Missle. Will Trade!

Hello all! Thanks for reading! :thumbsup:

Level 72 Mechro, building for my first steps into the OP levels. Been farming like a maniac, but alas, there are a few items that remain ever so elusive. I am looking for the following, and if you can help me out, you’ll take Deathtrap’s place as my new BFF! :smile:

  • Level 72 Norfleet
  • Level 72 Legendary Catalyst Mod
  • Purple x4 Magic Missile (Prefer level 72, but will take any higher level version. I’ve killed probably at least 500+ Ultimate BA Necros/Sorc and nada!)

I have TONS of legendary’s for trade, too many to list (I have about 12 loot mules filled with legendary’s). If there is something in particular you’re looking for, please ask.

GT: Warminion72

Thanks a lot everyone!

For Gaige, I wouldn’t worry too much about the level of the Magic Missle x 4, since its primary purpose in UVHM and the OP levels is to Slag your target. Even a much lower level Magic Missle x 4 can do that. Also, you will take less damage from a lower level Magic Missle x 4 if you accidentally hit yourself with the grenade or otherwise get caught in the blast.

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Good point! Thanks for the advice! :relaxed:

I can help you with your requests. I’m on most nights , 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

I may not be on tonight, because replacing hard drive (major memory boost) and still in the process of reinstalling all games.


Outstanding, thanks! I’m usually on at that time as well (EST here too). I’ll add ya.