LF Level 72 Purple Longbow Slag Singularity

With a decently low level fuse…1.5 and below

I will trade…have tons of stuff (been playing for 4 years)

Wash your car…

Take out your trash…


Steam is johnrr6 and I am on Eastern Standard U.S. Time (GMT-5). Usually on after 6 PM Local.

It’s not exactly what you are looking for but I did get this while trying to farm for one:

Consider it yours if you want it.

EDIT: Wow, I have no idea how in the heck did I manage to think you are looking for a Transfusion. I just noticed it says “singularity” :smiley: I’m too tired… Funny thing is I saw one of those while farming for the Transfusion but I passed it by since it wasn’t what I thought you were after :open_mouth: