LF Level 72 Weapons and Gear

My friends and I are looking for level 72 items…


Invader, Sloth, Ogre, Pimpernel

Assault Rifles
Hail, Bekah, Lead Storm


Class Mod
Suave Renegade (Gunzerker)

Whatever you have. We’d like to test them all.

Willing to trade. Have a lot of OP8 stuff and various other 72 gear like baby makers, conference calls, infinity pistols, bee shields, etc.

Xbox ONE = Shinsaku17

I have a bunch of random gear on one of my characters at level 72 if you want I can give you a bunch of it.

My gamer tag is ValkyriesHero

Hello again! I don’t have much of what you’re asking for, only really pimpernel and grog.

Hey Vinterbris! I’ll message you in game.

Hey Valkyrie. I have a bunch of 72 stuff as well. I’m just looking for these ones so that we can test them out before making our climb. If you have any of the things that I listed send me a message in game and we can work something out.

Anyone have a lvl 60-65 norfleet they can trade?

@E_NODNARB - Sorry. I’d hook you up if I did. Best I can do is a level 50 or a level 72. You might want to try creating your own post. Not many are going to see your request in mine.

Just a quick look through your list I see some guns and that are really good like the Sloth (for Maya and Zer0 because they can boost bullet speed) the pimpernel is really good, Hail Bekah, Lead Storm, Ogre and Grog. The invader is bad because it is a Hyperion sniper and it has the really bad weapon sway before start shooting. the Bunny is just kinda crap. Just giving my opinion still try them out if you want. I have some good grenades if you want to try them out. but when you hit OP8 you can hit me up because I have a lot of good gear that I would recommend using.

yeah i was just trying to see if anyone has one in general,
and i do have my own post i believe.

@ValkyriesHero - Thanks. I was able to get my hands on all of them this morning. I agree with your assessment of the Invader and most of the others. The Bunny is for a friend. I prefer the Norfleet. The Ogre felt fine, but I was hoping to like the Hail and didn’t. I thought the Sloth shot solid and you’re right about the bullet speed relics making it not such an issue. I think it’ll work well with an Assassin.