LF Level 80 Inflammable/Alkaline bee shields

Title says it all. Want them for my Axton when he finally gets to level 80. I have a ton of level 80 stuff I can trade for them including level 80 loot hunt grogs. My PSN id is iX_Grimm.

I could help you out. I will be on around 8a.m. PT time the day after tomorrow. PSN: orange_teacher.

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Awesome. I’ll send you a friend request now, so I don’t forget. Is there anything you’re looking for in return?

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Thank you in advance! Im farming Hyperius around 120 times for a level 88 (new Op8) Corrosive Norfleet but just got a Shock and a Fire one. But if you don’t have it, it is still fine to me :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately the only corrosive norfleet I have is level 80, but I don’t think that’d help you much in the high OP levels.