LF Level 80 Leg. Siren and Cat COMs with Max Stats

EDIT: Got the Siren. If anyone has the Cat, your boy’s inventory would love to have it.

I lost mine trying to transfer them between an OP10 and a new level 80 Siren, and it’s crippled my raiding abilities.

Preferably, if anyone stops by, a Siren with 53/39 and a Cat with 138/36 (I think that’s the max at level 80).

Would be very, very helpful to me, and I’d be happy to give something in return if I have anything anyone would want.

I have level 80 siren class mod and only op8 and I p10 cat class mod. Reply if interested.

Definitely better than nada. I’ve got a handful of Sirens but none with 53/39.

I have those stats 53/39. If interested please reply back and send me a friend request as well whenever you are ready.


does your siren have op10 unlocked?

Not the one I’m getting this COM for. Another one is at OP10 though. I keep one of each VH at 80 and one at OP10.

You still need the op10 cat class mod for the other one or your good?

I’ve got everything I need at OP10. No worries there.

Okay well sounds good.

Did you get my invite?

Yes. Enjoy your siren class mod level 80