LF:License、Light.Many items traded

1、License( fire)50/150
License( shock cryo fire)sntnl
2、Redistributor(rad cryo)sntnl
3、recursion x2(ase200splash、50/150)
4、Monarch(Any element)50/150
5、Reflux x14(50/150 gamma)
6、Light corr rad shock(50/150)
Light corr shock(sntnl)

Sent you a PM for trading. Cheers.

I will trade license for stnl root


I have Flipper Shock/Corro 150/50 and Monarch lvl 57 150/50 , are you interested ?

Interested in (flipper shock / corro 150 / 50), it’s M10 Lv60?

Yes it’s lvl 60 and M10

:ok_hand:,what are you LF?

Harold 200% SPlash , add me ( Snaky_hilarious ) i’ll send you the flipper to night or tomorrow

i add you