LF life steal weapons

Looking for the following weapons with 15% ASE life steal anointments…

Rad or shock rowans call
Recursion x2

Let me know what you are looking for in a trade

Psn = blackoutbill

Got a 30% life steal brainstormer.
Looking for a Phasezerker with Weapon and SMG damage
Redistributors 100% on ASE, Gamma Burst, and Iron Bear Incendiary anointment

Hey sorry my bad should have specified in the description. Looking for the 15% ASE variety

Lf :
Trevonator in Rad/Cryo or Rad/Corrodo w 125 Incendiary next two mag
Sledge shotgun gamma burst
Ion laser radiation gamma burst
Kyb’s worth x3 sntnl
Flakker radiation sntnl

Don’t have exactly what you are looking for, but do have a trevonator In rad / cryo with 75% status effect and damage ASE

Not what I’m looking for but thanks for checking

I understand I’ll keep a look out though


Are you still looking for a Carrier with life steal 15%. I have one

Oh ya, forgot to put that on your thread, hit me up on psn - blackoutbill

Friend request sent. Are you willing to give a Redistributor or Cutsman for it?

Your choice

If you have Redistributor radiation or incendiary with SNTNL 100% Cryo that would be preferable! I’m online most of the day, so let me know. Are you interested in a Kyb’s Worth with lifesteal too?

Just found a Dictator (399x3) with Rakk attack life steal. I’m looking for Moze anointed Vladofs. Let me know if any interest

@thomasmaage I’ll send you tonight, what element on the kybs?

@Xarvet thanks for the offer but I’ll pass, you looking for anything in particular?

Kyb’s worth with corrosive and radiation. Looks like a decent damage 593x2, 1391 element damage.

Ok I’ll give you both a fire and radiation SNTNL anoint redistributors for the carrier and kybs life steal

@blackoutbill Awesome, when do you think you’re online?

Probably after 8pm CST

I got the lucians and carrier, still hunting for that brainstormer