LF Lights Show's and Ice Victory Artifact M10

Light Show’s need to be any element or kinetic with asa damage anoint.
Artifact needs to have mag size and cryo efficiency.

If you have any to trade hit me up for what your looking for please.

P.S. I havent played the Krieg dlc or the new arms race so i dont have any gear from them. sorry.

I do have a 75% Asa anointed corrosive one, are you still interested in one of those?

Yes, a corrosive is a particular one im looking for. Are you hunting anything for trade?

I am looking for various things such as good sandhawks with n2m element ( Cryo with shock anointment would be the best) or consecutive hits/old God shield with ase dmg/boogieman with consecutive hits/pearl with mag size and fire rate/deathess white elephant with mag size and aoe dmg. Do you happen to have any of those?

I think I might have an old god you’re looking for but can’t remember the level. I’ll get back to you in a bit.

Sorry it’s a level 60. Haven’t played that character for a while. Thanks anyway unless you can think of anything else.

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Mhhhh I see… Well I am open to anything meta with good anointments expecially ase n2m, ase splash or weapon dmg, or 300/90, so monarchs, trevonators, complex roots, Maggies, skullmashers, double projectiles beacons. Also a its piss with on grenade Throw would be very good. A good blast master class mod for moze or a good red fang for Fl4k, seein’ dead for zane. Well’find something XD

Ok i think i have some things to trade. Im at work till 6 est so ill check then and get back to you. Thanks for working with me also.

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I have a blast master with splash dmg and radius. Beacons, roots, face punches, and backburners with those anoints you’re after. Take your pick lol.