LF List & HUGE Offer List

Hello good people,

What I have:

-Redistributors (Cryo, Shock, Corrosive, Radiated) All 100% STNL Cryo
-Cutsman (Fire & Corrosive 100% SNTL Cryo, Shock 30% DMG Airborne)
-Annexed Cannon (Fire w/ 125% Splash DMG Anoint, Corrosive w/ 100% STNL Cryo)
-EM-P5 w/ 100% STNL Cryo
-Rowans Call (Radiated, Shock, Fire, All 100% Cryo STNL)
-Kyb’s Worths (All Elements, 125% Splash ASE, 100% Weapon DMG ASE)
-Recurring Hex (Cryo & Shock, 25% on grenade throw)
-Multiple Seein Dead’s (Some Rolls: 25% Weap DMG, Mag Size, SMG DMG, Pistol DMG, 45% Jakobs Crit Heave Weap DMG)
-It’s PIss (25% on grenade throw)
-Cloning Maddening Tracker (50% Fire Bonus ASE)
-Victory Rush’s (Snowdrift, Last Stand, Ice Breaker, Elemental Projector will all good rolls)
-Otto Idols (Ice Breaker, Snowdrift, Elemental Projector, with all good rolls)
-Lucky 7 (100% Weapon DMG ASE)
-Maggies (100% STNL Cryo, Accuracy/Critical Hit Barrier)
-Night Hawkin (100% STNL Cryo)
-Quickies (x2 projectile, normal & corrosive, infinite Ammo after Iron Bear)
-ION Lasers (100% Weapon DMG ASE, 100% Cryo STNL)
-One Pump Chump (Barrier Anointment, Accuracy & HUGE Critical Hit Bonus)
-Dictator (Corrosive w/ 100% Cryo STNL)
-Many anointed Shields (Transformers, Rechargers, Stop Gaps, Band of Sitorak, Frozen Heart
-Much MUCH more…too many to put down, I’m jus giving you a preview :ok_hand:

Looking For:
-Fire Dictator w/ 100% Cryo STNL
-Cryo Butcher w/ 100% Cryo STNL

I have a Scourge that you might want. What are the rolls of your Seein’ Deads? I have a list of class mods I’m looking to trade for in my posts if you have any of them as well.

I saw your list, and I can’t help you…and I found a good Scourge anyways


Add me, got few from your list

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