(LF) List in post. Have Spreadsheet with lots of items (Updated 04/02)

-Hyperfocus (Shock) SNTNL, 100% Bonus Cryo
-Anarchy x20 (Shock/Corrosive) ase 100% damage/125% splash
-Lump x2 splash 125% (Shock)
-Lump x2 SNTNL, 100% Bonus Cryo (Radiation)
Only level 57
-Phasezerker with mod 1 action skill cooldown, mod 2 smg damage/ar damage and any
-Ice Breaker Victory Rush with smg damage, cryo damage and any
Can be level 53-57



Hello, I should have something for you, have a look here :

I guess maybe the Lumps could be usefull for you ^^

I’ve got a it’s piss w/ase corrosive would you trade for the Driver class mod?

Yes of course, add me. Psn : Bentho-

Driver class mod sent

Hey ! my list has been updated, have a look ^^

I have both piss grenade you looking for

Still have the old god cryo with sntnl annointement

I have shock and rad

Hey, what do you want in retourn for these three ?

Just checked i have shock and rad only… im interested in you cryo reccuring hex and cryo old god shield

Ok, psn Bentho-
rad It’s Piss


Just dropped an fire piss haha ill trade you both for your both item !!

Both sent

Sent too tyvm

Thanks for the trade.

Hey I could trade a Fire Hyperfocus 100ASE for a Yeeti Gamma burst if you’d like ^^

Yeeti Gamma burst sent

Hyperfocus sent ! nice trade thks !