Lf loaded dice artifact with hp regen

I am looking for a loaded dice with hp regen. Have lots to trade.

I have one that has regens +149 health/sec

I have a corrosive stone loaded dice with health regen

And an electric slide with regen also.

What are the other stats? Just curious

What’re the other stats?

I’ll check

+23% elemental resistance and 26% weapon accuracy and the element is fire

What’re you looking for?

Electric slide loaded dice has 16% corrosive damage and 40% ffyl
Cortosive stone loaded dice has 17% smg damage and 27% melt chance

What would you want for 1?

mainly anointed gear for zane or flak predominately 50% cryo while SNTL is active or 100% damage after rakk attak

Have anything in 250 phasecast?

I’ll have to check. Not home for a bit, o have very little in those anoints tho btw

Sure do. Will check hat exactly when I’m home

Which one do you want or do you want both? I’ll get them sent.

The corrosive stone

What’s you’re gt

250 ogre, 250 autoaime, 250 slowhand. Lot less than I thought I had most of my stuff is 50% elemental 100% damage or 125% splash.

I would take the slow hand, 250 cast corrosive autoaime?