LF loads of gear. have good class mods and artificats for trade

looking for monarchs all elemtns x8 or x4 in SNTL, Consecutive hits, and 150/50
Clairvoyance masher with Consecutive hits
Flippers with any elemetn combinations in Consecutive hits/U-rad
Also Boom sickles in 200ASA/Consecuive hits and U-rad

I have alot of good rolled classmods and artificats but none are 65.
These include bloodleters, blast masters, mindsweepers, cosmic stalkers, bounty hunters, seein deads, amara coms.

I have Monarchs and other stuff as well. Check out here: Lf some gear, I have good stuff

Maybe you can help me out on what I need.

I got a consective hits boom sickle and hellwalker on me, got a seein dead with bonuses to pistol damage?

Wow lol i have one with every single other passive lol but no pistol. woowww

Yea i checked it out. you got alot of good stuff to. but i checked and i didnt have a lvl 65 red fang

Dang, I’ll be hunting forever. Thanks though.

In that case, do you have any Victory Rush artifiacts?

Indeed i do. I have some solid snowdrift victory rushes, atom balh victory rush, Cutpurse victory rush, and elemntal projector

Their all 57-60 though

I have a fire monarch x8 consecutive hit, do you happen to have any fish slaps?