LF Lobs w damage anoints

For some reason every lob I have except 1 ch has garbage anoints like projectile speed and accuracy. :man_facepalming:

Lemme know what you need and I’ll send it to you in exchange.



I have some but can’t remember the details. Not those annointments though so you may be in luck. PSN is wonga-bunny
I might be able to sneak back on later today.

Ok I added you. Make sure to lemme know if I can help you w anything


Did you get the ones I sent?

Definitely. I appreciate it! I’m also hoping to get 100ase/200asa ones as well. For some reason those anoints just don’t drop w the lob for me…



I have a few Lobs all with damage annotiments.

I will send pics.

LF: reflux N2M ASE/ Face-puncher 300/90

I can give you a x7 and x14 facepuncher for the lobs : 300/90 and asa200

what annotinrment with the x14?

Both 300/90

I think i sent you a friend request! Let’s trade please

Sure! Later this afternoon I’ll be on PSN. I’ll send it to you then. What’s your PSN?



Sorry! Once I get home, I will send. Sorry. Dealing with 3 yr old potty crisis then family dinner.

Sent the Lob! Had an issue with one of them.

Okie :roll_eyes:

I sent it to someone else by accident. :’( but I drny another damage one as soon as I got it! And if I get another one, I will send it too!