LF looking for transformer that reduces dmg while terrified

Looking for transformer that reduces dmg while terrified…
Have to trade


I have arctic reflexive, on ASE crit dmg increase by 25%? - fire lyuda still?


I have a fire Lyuda with the +300% weapon dmg after phaseslam (Amara specific) anointment. Interested?

Sure, looking for anything?

Yeah but the two items are super specific and big long shots.

  1. Deep Dive Face Puncher w/+300% weapon dmg after phaseslam anoint

  2. Brawler Ward w/ 300% melee when shield empty and +200% melee dmg after phaseslam anoint

Don’t worry if you don’t have them. I’ll hook you up with the Lyuda regardless.

When do you want to meet up?

Haha im kinda after those too, sorry mate dont have em.

Im not on currently, i think you have to add me as friend before you can send it. Though. Delete me after, no trouble lol.

Up to you, gamertag is - B3Netration

Works fine. I added you as a friend on XBL so I can mail it. If you get the chance, check your XBL chat msg. I sent a DM to you with some specifics.

I’ll get the gun to you soon. Cheers.

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@B3Netration - check your mail when you can. I sent it over. I think they expire after seven days.

If you happen to run into that 300% dmg after phaseslam face puncher, hit me up on XBL if possible. I can do what I did on this Lyuda for us with that gun. I’ll make sure to get you one if I stumble across it too.

Ayy man thanks heaps.

I got the lyuda, thanks heaps. I sent you the rain firestorm too.

Hey @B3Netration, you were looking for a +300% weapon dmg Face Puncher, correct?

I was lucky enough to meet a guy on a sub reddit for BL3 trading last night and him and I did some serious business. I have one. Along with a bunch of other “god roll” Amara melee type items.

Let me know if you want me to hook you up.

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Yes please, Sir. :slight_smile:

Ill take whatever you have for amara build. Im away for the weekend unfortunately, so won’t be on till Sunday night.

Okay, no worries. We will figure out a way to work it out. I have several God tier melee Amara items (I don’t use that term lightly, lol). The guy hooked me up huge. So I figured I’d pass on the good will to you because I remember you were in the same market as I was items-wise.

I still have you on my XBL friends list from mailing you the Lyuda. Do you mind moving our messaging to DM on Xbox Live? I get notifications from it unlike on here. Lol.

Yeah mate, soon as i get back