LF Loot Expanding Deathless

If you have one or a Knife Drain Deathless, just let me know what you’d want in exchange.

I’m also looking for a Loot Expanding Loaded Dice, and a Gratifying Cryo Lasersploder, but it’s not as relevant as the relics.

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I’m looking for anointed shock Star Helix/shock Lasersploder :slight_smile:

Managed to find a Shock Star Helix. It’s not anointed , but would you still want it?

No, I have a shock Star Helix already.
Don’t need any not anointed weapons to be honest, but we can switch to PM and probably find something.

i have a loot expanding deathless. you can have it. i dont need anything. add me noponopo15

yo do you still have that loot expanding deathless? i know it’s been a while but you never know