LF lots of M10 gear

Any annoints will do for any of these but I would like the 150 rad damage while under 50 health, asa 200 weapon damage and 300 weapon damage above 90 HP

Anarchies x20
Monarchs (x4 or x8 will do)
Bounty hunter class mods w/ Assault Rifle damage and mag size
Victory rush with AR damage and mag size

PSN: bloodrain4

Have decent M10 gear to trade, will make a list about it soon

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Any FL4K gamma M10 weapons? A good 57 redsuit and atom balm otto idol or vic rush?

I’m not sure about gamma burst but I have some good fade away gear for flak

I have many m10
Monarchs (x4 or x8 )


1.Plaguebearer shock with 90% health 300% damage

psn : gbuny911

What elements and annoints on monarchs?

I’ve got an M10 corrosive Kaoson w/ GB annoint.

Ive got a 5700 dmg shock Kaoson w 300/90 anoint.
What kind of gear do you have to trade?

Yellowcake x2 with ASA 200% weapon damage and 300/90
Monarchs x4 and x8
OPQ with ASA 200% weapon damage
Fire sandhawk with ASA 200% weapon damage
Corrosive sandhawk with consecutive hits
Corrosive binary cutsman with consecutive hits
Radiation Lob with extra talk attack annoint
Bunch of class mods, shields and artifacts as well

Add me @SquirtGunBandit on PSN. I’ll take your YC x2 300/90 for the Kaoson.

Ok. Ty, I will add you later when I am home