LF Low-level Fish Slap Grenade

Looking for low-level fish slap grenades. Am using Drone Delivery+Cutpurse+Fishslap for ammo regeneration on Zane, but the fish keeps killing me. Would love “On Grenade Thrown” anoint on it if that’s possible. Message me if you have one and let me know what I can give you in return. I have most of the m10 meta weapons in various anoints, some god roll class mods, etc.
PSN: WoundedRanger

If you just want ammo regen I can give you a cutpurse launchpad - slam to launch rockets and they’ll give ammo when they hit, and one slam is plenty to fill your ammo. I’m not bothered about getting anything for it.

I have a good Cutpurse Launchpad. I give fish slap to my drone and that allows me to use Cutpurse Victory Rush artifact. Thanks, though!