Hey folks, my 4 year old nephew is getting an early start in his Borderlands career and he currenlty LOVES the LVL 6 infinity that he picked up from doc mercy (i spent countless hours trying to farm btw) which he got the very first time he killed him… But like every other gun you pick up before hitting the lvl cap, he has out leveled it. SOOOO Im looking to trade whatever you may need for some LVL 15 and maybe even LVL 20 infinity pistols. I have quite a few lvl 50 legendary guns/ items. For example i believe that i have have some lvl 50 class mods and some random guns and such still in the bank. I also have LVL 55 and lvl 60 bee shields sitting around. Also i can farm some lvl 65-67 bee shields if you need them. My highest toon is only LVL 68 on ps4 atm so i cant get you any capped out guns or gear. The psn i use is EkAjO88 which is my sisters account, so if your interested send me a friend request and a message saying what you have/want TY