LF low level Stop Gap Shield

Gamertag: Faxanadonts
Have lots of legendaries to trade.

I’ve got a few for trade. You have any Shock cutsman with gamma burst active. Blast master mod with 1 redistribution and 4 vampyr with weapon dmg, grenade dmg, mag size, preferably. Or anointed rowans calls with sntl or gamma burst anoint

I have a shock cutsman with gamma burst

I can invite you. What’s your gamertag?

I’m not gonna be on tonight bud sorry. I can send tomorrow if that’s not too late. Gt is Ye olde wolf

Hey bud I had a few minutes before I’m heading to bed so I added you and sent you the stop gap. If you need to we can try to join up tomorrow if that’s cool with ya.

Sure, sounds great. Thanks! Will be in tomorrow as well.

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You looking for a bloodletter and loaded dice with health regen as well

I have a bloodletter (but not with health regen), but not loaded dice with health regen. That would be awesome.
For some reason I don’t see the stop gap in my e-mail yet. Does it sometimes take time to go through?
I’m got faxanadonuts.

Maybe I added the wrong gt. I will check right away

Faxanadonuts Mr Chris? I think I sent it to the wrong dude. I will check to see if I have another one. If not I will make a copy tomorrow with the loaded dice

Oh shoot. Yeah. I’m Mr Chris, Faxanadonts.

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Cool thanks.

Should have it now bud

Great thanks! That’s perfect. Are there and bloodletter mods that don’t bump up the shield? The bloodletter I have bumps up my shield slightly so that it takes longer to recharge making it less invincible and such.
I can give you that cutsman if you invite me I can give it to you from my bank.

The only bloodletter I have with health regen also has a point in thin red line. It worked for me though as long as you have a loaded dice with health regen as well. I was even using a low level stop gap that had 25% capacity at the time. I am heading to work now but will be on later today

Hi. Can I trade you for that loaded dice and bloodletter?

Hey bud I can send you the bloodletter but I will need to get a copy of the loaded dice

Okay. I actually have a bloodletter with just one in thin red line. I probably just need the loaded dice. Thanks!

Are you online right now?