LF Lucian's Call and a Shield with Terror Annointments

I am in need of a Lucian’s call (preferably in Radiation or Cryo) which has the Terror anointment that grants an extra bullet whilst you’re terrified, plus a Shield ( preferably a Transformer) with the terror anointment that applies terror for 18 seconds on Action Skill’s end.

I have a variety of Legendaries for trade so please message me on PSN if you have any of the above items :slight_smile:. PSN ID: HuntingFever.

I have a cryo MIRV Hex let me know if you’re interested in. Looking for either a low lvl stop gap or catpurse deathless.

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been very busy lately so haven’t had time to check my emails and completely missed your reply :frowning:. Also, unfortunately, I don’t have either of the items you’re looking for :frowning:.