LF Lucians Call and Handsome Jackhammer w/shock

As the title says I’m looking for a luciens call and a Handsome Jackhammer w/shock.

Thanks in advance,

Hey man I have a lucian’s for trade do you have an elemental deathless artifact with mag size increase at all?

Damn no, sorry bud I don’t :frowning:

Which element are tou looking for on the Lucians call?

Prefer fire, but any would do.


I have one fire and one corrosive, can trade you one of them. What do you have to trade in return? I only have a Fl4k character at the moment, so something good for him would be nice

Not sure what you might need, so I made a list of what I currently have:

Negation Faisor - 110% Cryo Effeciency
Venemous Relenetless Koos - 415 dmg/s Corrosive
Searing Trained Kaos - 485 dmg/s incendiary
Breath of the Dying
Stimulating Nasty Bearcat - Shock
Dastardly Hand of Glory
Gatlin Gatling Gun
Rebel Yell - Shock - Annointed: While barrier is actve, accurac is increased by 60%, and crit by 30%.
Unflappable Lead Sprinkler

Venemous Hornet - 616dmg/s corrosive- Annointed: Auto Bear active, 8% of mag per second
Dangerous Superball - `495 dmg/s Incendiary - Anointed: Exitting Iron bear, gain 120% splash dmg for 18 secs
Spooling Superball - INcendiary - Annointed: After Phaseslam,melee is increased by 200%.
Unending Magnificent- - 137 dmg/s Shock/Corrosive - Annointed: Exitting iron bear, next 2 mags have 40% bonus Incendiary dmg.
Krovvy Infinity
Oozing Gratifying Raisen’s Thorns - 1202 Corrosive
Packin Devastator - Annointed: On action skill end, weapon accuracy and handling are greatly increased.
Oozing Devils Foursum - Corrosive
Shredded Devils Foursum
Moar Whizzy Pestilence - Radioactive
Dastardly Maggie
The Duc
Gratifying Breeder
Coolheaded Unforgiven
Searing NEmesis - Incendiary
Queen’s Call - Radioactive

Cash-Infused Brainstormer - 467 dmg/s shock
Defrauding Developing FEarmonger - Corrosive - After reloading consume all terror andcreate a cyro nova
Hostile Developing Fearmonder - 2160 dmg/s Incendiary - After reloading, consume all Terror and rreate a nove dealing cryo
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker - 620 dmg/s Incendiary - Annointed: on Action skill end, weapon status effect dmg and chance are increased by 75%
Deep Dive Face-Puncher - Annointed: On action skill end,next 2 mags have 50% additional shock dmg.
Redundant Face-puncher
Abundant Hazardous Trevonator - Corrosive
Poison Polybius - Corrosive
The Lov - Corrosive
Compressing Kill-o-the-Wisp - shock

Hostile Crossroad - 434 dmg/s Incendiary - Anointed: Auto bear active, constantly regen 8% of mag size
Adapting Ripper
Decaying Ripper - Corrosive
Cloud Kill - Corrosive
Turbo Ten Gallon
Turbo Supercharged Ten Gallon - Shock
Smart Gun XXL - Corrosive
Disciplined Vanquisher - Annointed: On skill end dealing 125% mofe weapon dmg to badass, namedand boss
Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin - Cryo

Annexed Ruthless Lyuda

Improved Bodyguard Shield - Cap: 12237 - Annointed: While terrified, gain ammo regen.
Surge Big Boom Buster - 20% Shock resist- Annointed: While SSNTNL is active, movespeed is increased by 15%.
Health Re-router - 13% radiation resist - Annointed: on Action skill end, regen 5% max healh per second
Frozen Heart - 13% Cryo resist - Annointed: While SNTNL is active, movespeed is increased by 15%
Fire Hardened RE-Charger
Transformer - 100% shock resist
Overflowing Scream of Terror
Backfire Red Suit
Riposte IMpaler
Rough Rider

Rocket Launcher
Itchy Scourge - Radioactive
Annexed Jericho - Radioactive

Raided Ghost Call
Hunter-Seeker - 4090dmg/s radioactive
Cloninng Chupa’s Organ
Chupa’s Organ
Punching Bag Re-Charger
MIRV Widomaker

Class Mod
Gunner - Augmented Entrenched Bloodletter
Gunner - Blessed Circulating Blast Master
Gunner - Roaring Bear Trooper
Gunner - Sanctified Batty Blast Master
Operative - Preemptive Unlikely Techspert
BeastMaster - Pronghorn Mongoose DE4DEYE

Fire Stone Pull Out Method
Atom Bomb Pull Out Method
Toxic Revenger Safegaurd

Hey are you still looking for the handsome jackhammer in shock?

Yes I am.



Ty sir!

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I’ll take the Queens call for the Lucians Call if you dont mind?

Sounds good, whats your PSN ID? Mine’s Wyte73

Is it OK with the Corrosive Lucians Call?

Psn: ARealSkilledSon

I’d prefer the fire if at all possible.


If you put in the Maggie aswell you get the fire one, its anointed with increased damage and fire rate while terrified.

ummmm…ok, deal. I will send as soon as I’m out of this proving ground.



Both sent.


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Thanks for the trade. Let me know if there is anything else you’re looking for.