LF- Lucians call and shredifier X2, elemental dmg with ase 50, 100, 250 or 300. For Amara

Let me know what you need! Thank you!

Got a corrosive ASE 50 Rad. Only Cryo one I have is SNTNL anointed.

Ya I’ll work with that, what would you like for it?

If you happen to have a FL4K class mod with Dahl damage/Rifle damage/whatever or weapon damage/Dahl damage/whatever then that would be cool, been really enjoying my gamma burst build with a kaos lol.

Otherwise I’m decently set on everything else. I’ll try to send it before class this morning in case you wanted to use it today

Kitty I can check my mods. I know I have assault rifle damage mods, but no Dhal. If you remember I was also looking for Dhal :slight_smile: But if rifle damage is dine I’ll mail it when you reply

I’ve got a few rifle damage mods but when I swapped to a gamma burst build on my Fl4k I had an Incendiary kaos that I kind of fell in love with lol. Was hoping to snag something that accentuated that weapon even further xD.

Out of curiosity, what Dahl weapons have you been using with it?

I dont have a dhal yet. I forget what guns I have. I checked for a koas, no go. I have the Rowan’s but it is cryogenic. I’m farming that little bot you were farming earlier, just to be doing something. If I get the shocking Lucians your welcome to it

Er cryogenic lucians call, not shocking:)