LF Lucians call any element except corrosive

I have a lot to trade so if you have a Lucians call I’ll hopefully have something you want

I have every one of them anointed with ASE 125% as well as a few other anointment’s

Gt- xCaliburxxx

Anything your looking for in particular ?

Well w am always looking for Terror items since i was away during most of that, especially great weapons with life steal, ammo gen or more dps, also any SNTL Cryo weapons, i have a fairly good inventory of the ASE 125% weapons - But always looking for those i have yet to find.

I’ve got a re router anointed for terror heal for 25% Max health

I have another rerouter anointed for sntnl and terror 100% lifesteal

I’ve got a bunch of sntnl anointed shields

Molten resolute lyuda sntnl fire rate increases by 9 and reload speed by 23

Extended nemesis terror chance to fire extra projectile

If your interested in Amara I have a spiritual driver class mod 31 action skill colldown 10 cov weapon damage 31 smg damage

Cash infused brainstormer sntnl gain 50 bonus cryo damage

I actually use re-router a lot, love that damage, but it is build specific for sure, great for one shot farming bosses with a scourge and companion.

May be interested in the lifesteal one as well as the Molten Lyuda or anything with SNTL 50% cryo

Cool well I’m happy to trade whatever I just listed so let me know what you’d want to trade

Hey @choskison I would love to get a fire Lucians from you with the anointed 125% after ase

I think we are still friends on xbox after i sent you the queens call =)

I have a handful of terror items too

Sure bro, i have like 3 of them, in fire if i am not mistaken.

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I will be on later today after work

Do you got a cryo one with zane anoints? My dream whould be While barrier is active, 60%acc.+30%crit.
Also nice, 130%damage after swaping places with clone

Since you missed the event, i found some nice fearmongers (apply terror, etc.)
Also have other things if you dont care about the fearmonger :sweat_smile::+1:

Any Zane anointed gear or good new class mod for trade ?

sorry, i wasn’t online much this weekend. by son broke his arm. I do have a few nice Lucians. I will look for you online.

Gt- xCaliburxxx

Any shock Lucian you have I’d be happy to trade for

I will check my banks

can we still trade if im on pc?

Have send you a pm on xbox

Do you have any electric banjo or redistributor?

Quick question could you tell me the mag size of the brainstormer and if it’s more than 8 would you take a Maggie with the same annointment