LF lucians call cryo anointed for 100 weapon damage after ASE pics of trade below TRADE OVER

I have lots of other flack gear aswell

Would a corrosive work

Yea definitely im after all 3 of them lol what would you want to trade for it ?

The recurring hex,

No problem are you on now ?

Yes my psn is Limit_SainT

I’m MrMan4Twenty

Ill let you know if i find other elements for it.

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Thank you

Have a Cryo 100% Dam ASE

What do you want to trade for it buddy

ION Canon

No problem buddy are you on now


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Looking for anything else? I’d like to have that Redistributor.

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Do you have any stack bot or bounty hunter class mods with assault rifle damage , critical damage , weapon damage or vladof damage

No I’ve given all my Moze and Flak stuff away. Have very little. I’m all Zane and Amara now.

That’s a shame lol Do you have any good or god roll Zane or amara class mods

Blood letter or spiritual driver ?

No god rolls. I do have a Spiritual driver or two.