LF lucians call cryo anointed for 100 weapon damage after ASE pics of trade below TRADE OVER

Just send me a spiritual driver if you want then buddy send me your psn and I’ll add you

Psn is Dartdodge

I’m MrMan4Twenty


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You wouldn’t by chance have another Ion Cannon with same stats to trade would ya?

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Yes buddy I have

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What can I send your way boss? I have a little bit of everything, mainly for Fl4K, but would be glad to look through it all for ya. Feel free to send a list of things your after my way.



Lucians call (corrosive) ASE 100 damage.
Lucinas call (cryo) ASE 100 damage
FL4k bounty hunter coms with 31 assault rifle , 25 weapon damage
FL4k stackbot coms with 31 assault rifle , 25 weapon damage
Recurring hex cryo with ASE 50 percent cryo damage

No darn Luciana calls with ASE or Recurring Hex, I have a bunch of st4ckbot class mods, but not with assault & weapon damage combined unfortunately, I will keep a look out for you!

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That’s a shame , have you got anything anointed
for fade away?

Ive sendt you lucians and cryo hex

Surprisingly, there’s only one darn weapon with fade away in my entire bank, they must not drop much, well for this guy anyway. It’s a 591 gearscore Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin 412 damage, 126% cyro
While fade away is active, gain greatly increased accuracy and handling

I’ll keep a look out for those class mods for ya

I don’t think I’ve had the recurring hex (cryo) off you buddy I’ve definitely had the lucians call ( cryo) just looking for the one with 26 percent weapon damage

What’s your psn are you on now ?