LF Lucians call (fire) and a king's call

no longer needed
Willing to trade or help lvl if needed if anyone has either of these.

I have these, want to trade today? if not, i can just gift them np

What are you looking for I may have in bank?

My gamer tag is chaoskitty1988 if you want to join my party chat.

I need Hive, Scourge, Lyudas, Infinity Pistols, Lucians, Shredifers, SPloders in SNTL 100% Cryo, or really i will take any SNTL gear

I have some scourge and infinity pistols…all your if you want them

I believe I have a corrosive scourge with sntl. I will check for you in a bit

That are SNTL 100% Cryo? I will trade anything i have for those.

I have a negating infinity pistol 100% cryo anointed