LF lucians or rowans call

Quite a bit to trade let me know what you want.

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I have multiple lucian calls, do you have a recurring hex grenade?

I do but it’s only lv 39

Got a cryogenic lucians call. Got any shredifiers?

I have lucians call and Rowans call in many elements. Looking for cryo artifacts. Let me know the stats on the cryo. Currently my best is a

Vs frozen
+35 % bonus dmg
+50% cryo efficiency

Secondary perks.
More cryo efficiency
Health regen
12.67 luck.

Looking for cryo atrifact with damage modifiers

No, not currently.

I have a few I think. I’ll look when I get a chance and let you know.

Ok… i have all 4 maxed characters and gear to go with accordingly. If there is anything else you want let me know.

Hey, I was Farming offline for recurring hex. Finally got it but never found bloodletter or deathless (artifact and mod) any chance you have either of these? Gt: pistolpietro or I can add you

Where did you farm?

Graveward offline. Took ages

I have a loot expanding deathless artifact you interested

Yes of course! That’s awesome

I’m after a vs cryo better than what I have. It’s in this post just scroll up. Anything else you after?

Nope that’s my last piece for my build! What is a Vs? Sorry

It’s the vs frozen artifact. Just scroll up to see the one I currently have. Looking for a better version.

I don’t have one sadly. Guess I’ll have to get lucky with a deathless drop

No worries… if you shoot me a message on xbox one and I still have it when I do a clear of my inventory I will mail it to you. Just message me so I have a reminder then.

Is your gt the same as on here? I sent a pm to that name so respond if it’s you! I’ll mention the deathless in the response back! Thanks

Yeah pbodyjel is me on all platforms. And in offline right now doing farming. Probably be a few hours before I clear. If I don’t send it in like 6 hours from now just assume I traded it. That way your not waiting for nothing.