LF Luck Cannon (lvl 36-38)

Does anyone have a spare luck cannon between lvls 36-38? I have been farming adflys and EOS and the badass glitches but I can’t get one to drop. I don’t have much to trade.
I’m on xbox 1, GT: SixElephant

I have a Luck Cannon and will message once I get back from work.

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Sweet, thanks mate. How long would that be? (gotta make sure I’ll be here)

Damn Barbs. What don’t you have? lol

Just saying hi. :blush:

Hello mate, lol, I got it on my very first playthrough it was the reward I got from EOS when doing the DLC, it is a level 35 sitting on that playthroughs mule.

My hunting in TPS has really slowed down of late, can’t seem to get anything good.:rage:

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I lived on Elpis for quite a while before coming back to Pandora. What might you be looking for? I might be able to help.

I am hunting for a Level 70 Casual Flakker mate for my Claptrap, like we discussed on a different forum thread :grin:

Torgue sight
Hyperion Stock/ grip
Luneshine 10% Crit Bonus

The grinder is not playing co-op!

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I believe I have what you’re looking for sir. you can have it. My Clappy isn’t at level cap yet. I can always farm another. it’s what i do. lol

You are a star mate, will hit you up on the Xbone.

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I looked for ya. you were offline. I found the Casual Flakker. it does have the 10% crit luneshine buff on it. However, and I am not sure if this will be a deal breaker or not? It has scav/bandit grip. so it isn’t matching, which i was hoping it was. let me know if you still want it?

Indeed mate, hold onto her for me please. I tried the grinder again this morning quickly got the 10% bonus but not in casual lol.

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its yours. :slight_smile:

Aw, isn’t this sweet :slight_smile:

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