LF Lucky 7 Moze Gear - Have chain zane and fire hose moze gear for trade

I’m looking:
lucky 7 with 125% incendiary
Lvl 1 stop gap
Loaded Dice with mag size and regen
Blood letter with mag size/regen

Let me know if youre interested in moze or zane gear. Have a ton of stnl cryo stuff. Thanks in advance

Do you have a consecutive hits corrosive Dictator or a consecutive hits Shredifier?

I’m looking for a similar loaded dice, but I have the rest of it.

Closest I have is a x6 corrosive dictator with stnl cryo.

I’ve got it.

How about a Fire Lyuda next 2 mags 125% Incindiary?

Have the stop gap and loaded dice - just looking for a good mod and lucky 7. Thx