LF Lucky 7 with 100% damage on ASE

Like the title say I want that pistol so bad been farming for three days and have loads of others but not this 1 plz let me know what you want to trade you can reply here or send me a msg on psn colbykente912

you got any sntnl bonus cryo gear for zane?

Only thing I got with that is a lyuda but if u dont want that u need anything else?

You don’t happen to have a shock/corrosive recursion with 250 after phase cast or a craps, Scoville, embers, with the same anointment do you?

No I dont I dont have a lot of amara gear sry

hello bud, do you have a shock rowan 100% ase/50% shock ase or an headsplosion 100% ase/50% cryo ase ?

Nope I sure dont

I’ve got this…need?

I actually just got it to drop after 3 days lol jeez is annoying trying to get 1 certain annointment but thank you for offering