LF Lucky 7 with ASE 100%

Got tons to trade just lmk what youre looking for.

What kind of dictators or lyudas do you have?

Any chance you got an atom balm relic with +1666 to shield?

Edit - not a deathless or loaded dice but I’m good with any other relic combo, would love elemental projector with it though.

I have a normal damage ASE 100% dictator and a normal and fire 2x lyuda with ASE 125% and a 2x ASE 100% lyuda and a corrosive 2x terrified extra projectile lyuda

Would you be interested in a ASE 125% Lucky 7?

No thank you

Ill trade it to you for the 100 ase dictator, gt: Laggy J. Send me a message

Any1 else got 1 to trade? Been farming no luck