LF Lump x2 or Scourge Launcher Anointed


Been farming like a mad for those in lvl53 anointed for Zane Cryo or Fl4k and can’t drop for me.

Anyone can help me out .

Thanks alot have a great day!

PSN : JBenQc


anyone can help me get those please!

Thanks alot

Do you have a Last Stand Otto Idol?

Yes but lvl50

That’ll work. When it comes to mods/relics I don’t really see a difference. I have a super fun Scourge.

PSN: Sefiroh

Just mention what you need in the message.

I’ve got a firex2 lump with gammaburst and a few Scourges.

Ok anything you need ? I dont have alot of 53 stuff just started to level my character this week