LF Lump x2 Rocket Launcher Anointed

Looking for good Lump Anointed for Zane or Fl4k

I have a lot for trade let me know what you need

Thanks a lot for the help guys!!


Still looking , anyone can help me get some good Lump I want to try my new build.


Hey there. Do you have by any chance x2 or 3 Kyb’s with Rakk/100% ASE anoints ?

Got a Corro x2 Lump with 100% ASE and Cryo x2 with digiswap +130%. Also got a shock SNTL one but not x2. Dunno if you’re Interested

Kybs x3 corrosive/shock rakk attack 100%

Kybs x3 shock / corrosive on terror 50% cryo

Kybs x2 rad/fire rakk attack 100% dmg

If you are interested in these check my Want/LF tab in my spreadsheet. Thank you for your time.

Thanks mate but I dont think I have yet what you need :frowning:

Still looking for good Lump for Zane or Fl4k !

Thanks a lot guys!

Can’t seems to get them at all , anyone have it, I will trade anything!!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: