LF lv.1 Brawler Ward

Quite a specific request here. I’m looking for one with 300% melee when depleted and one of these anointments:

  • On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate.
  • On action skill end - Damage taken is reduced by 13%.
  • On action skill end - 50% bonus elemental damage (specific element) with weapons for 10 seconds.

As I said, specific, so thanks for bearing with me. If anyone’s got one they’d be willing to share/part with I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks!


Looking for SNTNL, Phaseslam, Phasecast, Gamma Burst Infinity Pistols I don’t already have.

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How? Im confused out of all the god rolls/drop specific/legendary drops you came up with a lvl 1 brawler. At that one with perfect melee and what poster was looking for? Gibbed if I ever saw it. Sorry if I’m mistaken but seems false.

Use two controllers and two accounts. Play split screen and for the second account choose new game and if it doesn’t drop, rinse and repeat.

A few people actually already sent some damage ones. Do you happen to have any of the other anointments? I’ll have a look at my Infinity Pistols later, but I’m not sure if they’re anointed.

I’m happy to trade for your level 1 brawler ward Jorgeammo. I have an ase 100 rad infinity if you need, also 20% cool down red suit or 50% rad red suit, shrieking devil etc. Pls Hit me up lots of other fun loot!

Sure I’ll be available to trade later on tonight.

PSN jorgeammo