LF LV 50 Rowan’s call and Cryo Lucions Call

I have a ton of legendary weapons/shields/grenades/artifacts that I could trade. Message me for what you are looking for. Thanks

What element are you looking for on Rowan’s? And I have both looking for a shock laser sploder or certain weapons with Amaras 250% damage increase after phasecast

I thought Rowan’s call only comes as radiation?

I know I have laser sploder but I will have to check what element next time I get on. Probably will not be until tomorrow.

Not sure about the amara buff, but I might… so I will look for that as well…

I have so many mules; since we have don’t know what is good yet… I just keep all legendarys just in case

Nah I have a shock Rowan’s and also had a Fire one at some point before getting rid of it to make space.

And yeah your right about the mules I should have done that myself. The very gun im wanting (double penetrating shock laser sploder) one dropped for me w while
Back and I tossed it since at the time I had no interest in the gun and how good it was at melting shields in favor of the radiation itchy pneumatic one I had since that one had a 50% annointed buff

I have a radiation Rowan’s Call. Do you have a Shreddifier/Infinity?