LF lv 53 King's Call Corrosive Rakk Attack / 53 Shock Rowan's Call Rakk Attack

willing to trade any the following for either a lv 53 Corrosive King’s call or lv53 SHock Roawn’s Call with the Rakk Attack anointment (updated and sorted for easier reading)

AAA— Atk Comand 30% life steal
AAA— Phasegrasp
AAA— ase 2 mags 50% fire
Alchemist— Gamma Burst
ASMD— ASE 2 mags 50% Rad dmg
ASMD— ase 2 mags 50% fire
ASMD— Phasecase 250% wpn dmg
Baby Maker— Rakk Atk Dmg
Baby Maker— Fade Away
Bangarang— Auto Bear regen 8% of mag
Bearcat— ASE 2 mags50% corrosive dmg
Bitch— phasecast weapon dmg 250%
Boomer— ASE 2 mags 50% shock
Boring gun —rakk atk charge
Butcher— ASE 50% Rad
Butcher-- hits increase dmg miss resets
companion— Rakk Atk charge
Confrence Call— kill 5% dmg and reload for 25 seconds effect stacks
Craps— Rakk atk charge
Crossroad—exit IB increase IB CD 30%
Damned— ASE 2 mags 50% fire dmg
Devastator— hits increase dmg 1% miss resets
Devoted—ASE 100% melle dmg
Duc— exit iron bear increase iron bear cd 30%
The Duc— Fade Away
Duc— ASE fire rate 11% reload 26%
Devoted— Digi-clone 12% magazine ammo regen
Devoted—Gamma Burst
Embrace the pain— Kill gain 5% dmg and reload 25 seconds
Embrace the pain— swap with digi-clone increase wpn dmg 130%
Flood —ASE 2 mags 50% fire
Flood—ASE 2 mags 50% corrosive
JackHammer Rack Atk Charge
Handsome Jackhammer— Auto Bear 75% fire
Handsome Jackhammer—ASE Crit dmg 25%
Hellwalker— exit IB 2 mags 10% fire rate and 20% Crit dmg
Hellshock— exit IB 2 mags 15 fire rate 20% crit dmg
Hellshock—kill gain 5% wpn dmg/reload for 25 seconds
Hellshock—Rakk atk charge
Hellshock— Rakk Atk 50% crit dmg
Hyperfocus—Phasecast dmg increase wpn dmg 250%
Hyperfocus—Rakk Atk charge
JERICHIO— hits increase wpn dmg miss resets
Kill o wisp— hit 1% dmg miss reset
Linage—Rakk Atk Dmg
Lob exit IB —2 mags 10% fire rate 20% crit dmg
Lucky 7— enemy below 25% hp gain 50% dmg
Malak’s bane— gamma burst
Monocle— ASE 100% wpn dmg
Monocle— rakk atk dmg
Polybius— SNTNL fire rate 9% reload 23%
Recurision— Rakk Attack Charge
Ripper— ASE 125% dmg
Ripper— SNTNL 100% dmg as Cryo
Roisen Thorn— ASE 2 mags 50% Rad dmg
Roisen Thorn— Rack Atk dmg
Sleeping Giant— Rakk Atk dmg
Star Helix—Digi clone regen mag ammo
Ten Gallon— ASE 2 mags 50% shock
Ten Gallon— ase 2 mags 50% corrosive
Ten Gallon-- Kill gain 5% Dmg and reload for 25 seconds effect stacks
Tidal wave— exit IB 2 mags 125% FIRE
Unforgiven —SNTNL 100% dmg cryo
Unforgiven— AC 30% lifesteal
Vanquisher— ase 2 mags 50% rad
Venom Hornet— ASE 125% dmg
Venom Hornet— Fade Away increase Acc and Handel

Back ham —ASE 100% melle dmg
Black hole— fade away nova 26k
Brawler ward— ase dmg taken reduced 13%
Rectifier— ase 50% corrosive for weapons for 10 seconds
Rectifier— ase 50% corrosive for weapons for 10 seconds
Red Card— ASE 100% melle dmg
Re-Router—exit IB increase Shields and HPO 75% for 25 seconds
Re-Router—ASE regen 5% hp

Fastball— ase 50% corrosive for weapons for 10 seconds
Fastball —Grenade thrown 25% Wpn Grenade AS 6 seconds
Superball— exit IB increase IB cd 30%
Tranfusion Tracker— ASE 5-% Rad dmg with weapons
Widowmaker— ASE 50% wpn Cryo

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