LF lv 57 Breaker Com with +3 Personal Space

Been farming coms non-stop with the LTU event. It’s over now, and I never managed to get one of the coms I have been questing for.

Like the title says, I am looking for a LV 57 Break with +3 in personal space. The other skills do not matter in the slightest. Secondary stats of weapon damage, SMG/Heavy/AR damage, and/or splash damage are preferred.

Have a bunch of decent m10 gear to trade. Sorry, I have not been lucky with SNTL or GB anoints. Some highlights I can offer:

Kaoson x2, full-auto, in Corrosive with 300/90 anoint
Kaoson x2, full-auto, in Incendiary with 300/90 anoint
Kaoson x2, full-auto, kinetic, with 300/90 anoint
Kaoson, x2 full-auto, kinetic, with CH anoint
Yellowcake x1 with 300/90
Yellowcake x1 with under 50/115 rad
OPQSystem with 300/90 (have a few of these with different zooms)
Its Piss OGT 25 (I have these in all ASEs as well, but not all are 57)

I have a bunch of other stuff too I am happy to trade, but too lazy to type out.

Ask if you are looking for anything not listed.

Thank You

Hey man I got you covered would love that corrosive kaosan in return, I think we might be ps buddys already remind me of your ps name

Im down. What’s your PSN?

Sorry was out for a bit there

PSN: timmo2times

Awesome, appears you are already on my list. Sent you the Kaosin.

I’m GuyIncognito84

I’ll send it now just need to log in, gimme 5 mins, yeah I thought we were ps buddys alright :wink:

Thanks :+1:

Sent just now good sir

Thank you, kind sir!

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