[LF] Lv.65 Muse w/ +3 Illuminated Fist

What title says. +63 Melee and/or Weapon Damage would be nice but not needed.

Have Brawler Ward w/ +200% Melee after Phaseslam, and two Face-punchers; +300%/90% and +300% melee after Phaseslam, for trade if needed…or let me know of something and I’ll see if I have it.


I have this do you have any convergence x8 with urad or n2m?

I do not, unfortunately. Best I have is a +300%/90% x4.

Have any plaguebearers with n2m? Add my psn R4y2a1n I’ll send you the com anyways.

Haven’t seen one drop if you can believe it. But I appreciate the kindness. Send you a request here in a bit.