LF lv 72 CC and Sham (Completed)

Hello, my friend and I are currently looking for a lvl 72 non elemental CC and a lvl 72 94% absorb Sham for my mechro and his gunzerker. We have some extra weps we’d be willing to trade. Lvl 72 slag and shock norfleets, a good lvl 72 Double Penetrating Unkempt Herald, and various lvl 72 Sandhawks. If you can help please leave a reply here, and feel free to ask if we have any other extra weps and i’ll see if we have them.

I can help you out with that got a full bank so need to get rid of a few things.

awesome, so you have some 72 CCs and a Sham?
its late now so i’ll be going to bed. i’ll be on xbox in the morning.

yep got them both hit me up when you’r on.

hello, im getting on now, is your GT your name on here?

Hey my GT is UMI2021.

sent you a friend request

i’ll be on most of the day today most likely, so when ever you have the chance to get on i’ll be here