LF LV 72 Legendaries

I’m looking for a lv72 norfleet(fire/corrosive), and conference call(fire).

I have conference call(electric/corrosive), Norfleets(electric/slag), infinity(fire/electric/corrosive), I have legendary class mods between 50-72, lv 72 sham and bee shields and many many other legendaries.

Message me here if you might be interested in anything

My internet connection has started behaving unusually with my PS3 recently so I may ask for your patience

Theres no such thing as explosive Norfleet. Maliwan doesn’t make explosive guns.
Check carefully. It’s modded.

Well I didn’t know. thanks for the info

You can edit your post to keep this topic alive. :grin:

I have an infinity fire. I’ll trade it for the electric Norfleet.

Add me if you’re interested. PSN: maddog2027

Ok let me know when your available, and I’ll re-send you a friend request.

I’m getting on now if you have a minute.

Can I get guns 2 please I would be thankful