LF Lv50 Moze Anointed Gear/Mods & Elemental Projector Deathless

Prefer items mentioned in post title but lmk what you got; screenshot would be awesome!

Have a bunch as well; ask and can see if I got it!

you got a mirvtacular hex

No not that
have recurring hex cryo avail tho

Any of these interest you?

Got the hellwalker alrdy heh
Uhmm any other deathless or moze mods?


I have some Moze annointed guns. Do you have Moze annointed Baby Maker/Bangarang/Transformer/Flakker?

No baby maker or bangarang
Have normal transformer non-annointed
And have anointed but not moze specific flakker

do you have a last stand otto idol ? i have some stuff for moze

Trade you this for that grenade?
Or a redundant brainstormer or annoited facepuncher?