LF: lv50 Roid Rough rider

mine is lv41 and only has 1 Roid modifier so its at 80% melee dmg. need one with 2x roid modifiers so 160%. interested in any roid RRs tho. will trade for anything i have (alot of lv50 legendaries)

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Can they spawn with 2 and 3 multipliers of the same type?

I have a roid rough rider. It is +80%, but since it’s level 50 it probably has higher damage reduction. I don’t think you can double stack the roid perk on it. I kind of want to keep it for my Amara but I’d trade it for an upgrade for my fl4k.

I’m looking for a Lyuda with anointed elemental damage after activated skill or a shredder with anointed elemental damage for him.

The only other upgrade I have left for FL4K is I don’t have a well rolled legendary class mod (I have several of his legendary class mods, just not one with good perks and pet gets second wind when you kill an enemy)

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double roid stack does not exist for rough rider, best option is the following. and good luck finding one. ROUGHRIDER|470x496

I have an Adrenaline Rough Rider… You’re more than welcome to have it.

you still have this shield? im very interested and can get you lyudas

I need one of those performance rough riders on xbox :frowning: