LF Lv50ish Prismatic Bulwark

I don’t have a whole lot to trade, as I’m only lv52, but I’m willing to trade any heads/skins, and a handful of Legendaries I’ve accumulated ranging from lv30-50.

Even willing to hunt down anything needed, since I’m sort of SOL as far as farming Zarpedon goes.

Feel free to post here or shoot me a message on PSN: DrkrZen. More likely to see the latter, but I’ll check here, too.


PS3 or PS4?

Either. I got it on PS3 as well as THC.

Might still have a 60 laying around, but I gave away all my 50’s.

Thanks for the reply. I ended up getting one from the Sentinel, though. Now, the Thunderfire and Handsome head are giving me trouble, lol. Thanks, again!

I need a bulwark as well I’m on PS4 add me killacam370