LF lv57 Let's exchange~~

All LV57

My list

Boom Sickle all element ase100
cor sntnl100
The Lob All element ase100
shock sntnl100
Scourge cor fire shok ase100 sntnl100
Garcia x16 ase100
The Dictator x6 cor rad cryo ase100 sntnl100
Boom Sickle All element ase100
Queen’s Call or king All element as100 sntnl100
Nukem ase100 stnl100
Recursionx2 cor/ + ase100sntnl100

not on the list
New weapon ase100 sntnl100
psn: sklove0

I have a scourge with sntl 100 I’m interested in your shock boom sickle for Zane? If it’s the boom variant and lvl 57

I hope you find something.