[LF] Lvl 1 Shields, SNTNL Cryo Anointed Nighthawkin [H] Spreadsheet of my items

As the title says, any sort of level 1 legendary shield. Only other unique shield I would want would be the Multivitamin.

Heres my item: (don’t be afraid to ask just incase I have the item you are looking for and it isn’t on my spreadsheet) ctrl+f is your friend :slight_smile:

I have this. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Stop Gap (level 1) Hyperion Corrosive Damage booster +50% corrosive damage

I am indeed, let me know what you are looking for :slight_smile:

I would trade the Stop Gap for this. Let me know if that works for you.

  • Crader EM-P5 Non Ele On action skill end, weapon damage is increased by 100% for a short time x2

That is fine for me, what is your epic?

what would you like for Red Queen (while terrified increased gun damage) and cutpurse deathless?


Aight, I’ll be on in just one second :slight_smile:

I sent you over the crader, let me know once it gets to you :slight_smile:

Just sent the shield. Thank you!

Thank you very much as well mate :slight_smile:

What you have?

Hey you have a Spiritual driver on Mule #6.

is there anything in particular you are looking for to trade for this apart from lvl 1 stuff? i dont have a google doc as you do.

You have any Antifreeze coms for zane? Or any Infiltrators for him?

Anything else you’re looking for besides the shields? Interested in your Maggie/Lucians 50% cyro