LF lvl 1 Stop Gap preferably with terror ammo regen

Got tons to trade just lmk what youre after.

Man I wanted one ages ago, it truly doesn’t exist on Xbox lol

I’ve got a few level ones but not with the annointment

Ill take a regular one what do you want for it?

Hey man I sent the only one I had a copy of for now. I have another without the max cap stat. I will send it hopefully sometime later today.

Hey man. Out of curiosity would you have any cutsmans with while sntl active do cryo or while gamma burst active do rad. Or a bekah with the gamma burst annoint

Or any Maggie’s with elemental dmg on ase other than radiation or cryo?

hello, I have a 50% electric ASE maggie to be interested.

Pretty sure I have a corrosive cutsman with gamma burst

Sure, what ya looking for

That would be sweet

has the “it piss” grenade anointed with 25% damage?

Ill send it when I get home I have you added from previous deals GT is Super Kami Nero

I do

Alright, so I’ll send you in a little while.

Sounds good I’m sending the it’s piss right now

Sounds good just sent ya a different version without max cap

May have the stop gap please