LF lvl 1 stop gap

I need one for my Moze build .
Ask for what you want, I have a lot of stuff.

@HandsomeHexer I have a lvl 1 stop gap, no anointment or anything though. Do you have any SNTNL gear?

I have anointed Lev 1 Stop Gap. Im looking for Gamma Burst anointed weps. Primarily Rad. Recursion and Fire/Corrosive cutsman

well I don’t have them anointed but I got the cutsman in Fire/Corrosive & electricity.

Nope, sry. I have nothing for SNTNL, particularly for zane. I only have a few legendary class mods for him.

whats your PSN i’ll send it to you

Rlly ? That would be awesome!
My PSN is Handsome-Hexxer.

Thnx…do you need anointed cutsman?